June 15, 2018


Living green plants are great and all, when they aren’t crying for more or less natural light, regular grooming and maintenance, fertiliser, and are kept away from drafts. High quality artificial plants on the other hand, replicate live plant benefits, which include, atmosphere, a welcoming feeling and having a natural form that breaks up tables, reception desks and chairs. They are ideal for hotels, clubs, restaurants and offices that do not have access to natural light or nobody to tend to the living plants’ many needs.


Poor quality faux plants unarguably can look fake. The good news is that standard has vastly improved over the years and today the standard of artificial plants is so high, that sometimes it’s impossible to tell without touching it yourself! Forever Green Walls has proudly provided Melbourne, Hoppers Crossing and the rest of Australia with the highest quality in faux plants that provide all the benefits of the real deal, without the hassle and upkeep!

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Great Ideas For Businesses On A Nice Budget - Commercial Plants for Offices and City Life
April 10, 2018

Great Ideas For Businesses On A Nice Budget - Commercial Plants for Offices and City Life

Businesses need a lot of money and maintenance to produce long term successful  living wall in their office space. A vertical garden on a commercial premises needs to look good round the clock. A real live green wall in an office with plants that are struggling does not institutionalize the correct message to customers, clients or your staff.

If your office makeover is on a budget however you are keen on real plants and installing a show-stopping living wall here is Forever Green Walls suggestion: Install commercial grade artificial green walls and have real life plants in pots and on tables. 

Installing a real-life wall and to maintain it to stay beautiful and lush requires either a large upfront sum of money for a hydroponic system (usually over $2100 sqm) or a less upfront expense on a land based system (between $600 to $800 sqm) and a dedication to a lifetime monthly maintenance fee (approx $200-$600pcm based on a 2-4sqm living wall). If an office space is not planned with decent lighting, irrigation and drainage in mind, the alterations needed to hold a real vertical garden could also create additional costs on top of the original charge.

Forever Green Walls is experienced towards helping businesses to reintegrate their internal fit out budgets to include a lush zero maintenance vertical garden.

If your interior designer or builder has identified an indoor vertical garden for your office and you need assistance to understand the best solution please contact us here at Forever Green Walls

(03) 8360 3620

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Top 5 Questions asked about Artificial plant walls
April 09, 2018

Top 5 Questions asked about Artificial plant walls

Top 5 Questions Asked About Artificial Plant Walls Online

1: Why are fake plant walls better than real ones?

Its not that artificial garden panels are better, some people who have busy lifestyles sometimes cant always tend to real plants and upkeep them to the level they need, this is where Forever Green Walls have come in and found a solution to the problem, because of the no maintenance technology of our plant walls they are beneficial for the people with busy lifestyles and ones who do not know how to take care of real plants, they are also beneficial for commercial areas like bars, pubs and restaurants because of there versatility and always green vibe that they bring to a dull area.


2: How can I fit my artificial plant wall to my area?

That’s a great question, our plant walls are extremely easy to DIY so we came up with a easy to use installation guide to help you decide what materials you need to install the plant screens yourself.


3: I'm worried about my carbon footprint, are these plant screens recyclable?

People often think because plastic is a huge factor in pollution that most of it that is used for manufacturing goods are not recyclable, we have taken the steps to make sure that our plant screens can be fully recycled as the whole screens is all made out of the same material which is all recyclable.


4: Can I install my screens outside in the sun?

Forever Green Walls has come together to create the highest quality product that can withstand the strong Australian sun for 8+ years with great UV protection your garden panels will stay green for years to come.

5: How do I clean my green wall?

Easily wash your outdoor garden panel with your hose to remove the dust, if you have used your panels inside they can easily be cleaned with a feather duster.


You can check out our collection of artificial vertical gardens here, we send our plant screens all over Australia free of cost.

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