Great Ideas For Businesses On A Nice Budget - Commercial Plants for Offices and City Life

Great Ideas For Businesses On A Nice Budget - Commercial Plants for Offices and City Life

Businesses need a lot of money and maintenance to produce long term successful  living wall in their office space. A vertical garden on a commercial premises needs to look good round the clock. A real live green wall in an office with plants that are struggling does not institutionalize the correct message to customers, clients or your staff.

If your office makeover is on a budget however you are keen on real plants and installing a show-stopping living wall here is Forever Green Walls suggestion: Install commercial grade artificial green walls and have real life plants in pots and on tables. 

Installing a real-life wall and to maintain it to stay beautiful and lush requires either a large upfront sum of money for a hydroponic system (usually over $2100 sqm) or a less upfront expense on a land based system (between $600 to $800 sqm) and a dedication to a lifetime monthly maintenance fee (approx $200-$600pcm based on a 2-4sqm living wall). If an office space is not planned with decent lighting, irrigation and drainage in mind, the alterations needed to hold a real vertical garden could also create additional costs on top of the original charge.

Forever Green Walls is experienced towards helping businesses to reintegrate their internal fit out budgets to include a lush zero maintenance vertical garden.

If your interior designer or builder has identified an indoor vertical garden for your office and you need assistance to understand the best solution please contact us here at Forever Green Walls

(03) 8360 3620

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