Forest Daintree - SH81

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Forrest Daintree Artificial Vertical Garden 

1m x 1m High Quality Multiple Plant Panel 

Artificial Green Screens are in and are here to stay! they are easy for creating a quick, and affordable plant wall in your chosen space.

Each green wall panel is made up of up 5 different plant types intertwined through this magnificent statement peice, with vibrant green colour and hints of different tones that gives the panel a super organic look, like it has been watered and taken care of forever.

The Forest Daintree Vertical Garden plant panels create a rich tapestry on any wall and from a short distance create the appearance of a existent upstanding garden, a perfect screening for privacy and the like.

All the panels can be used indoors and outdoors with an 7 year UV warranty against the harsh australian sun, plus they are so easy to install.

UV warranty artificial garden walls fake plants green wall

Easy to cut to shape with a pair of sharp kitchen scissors or simply un-link the panels at 25cm intervals

You can read our specification guide to get a good understanding here.

The panels are sold in 1m x 1 m square and each is made up of 25cm x 25cm un-clickable squares.

Maintenance involves washing down with a hose to remove dust. If they are in an outdoor area the rain will take care of most of the cleaning.

1m wide x 1 m high panels.

Installation Tip: This Screening is used as a feature or backdrop as its effects are quite intriguing and outstanding, it can be used in conjunction with our Triple Ivy Plant Screen 

You can check out our easy installation guide here.


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