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Ficus - Variegated


Artificial Ficus Plant

Our Synthetic Ficus Trees are very easy to care for, with no ongoing maintenance such as pruning or watering. The natural real ficus tree is very sensitive to light, water and location and does not like to be moved! Your artificial ficus can be placed in any area of your home or office in which you feel it would look its best!


  • Height: 170cm
  • Comes in plain black pot measuring 17cm Ø x 14cm (h)
  • Width of foliage: 50-60cm once manipulated outward
  • Twisted natural wood stem

Ficus Trees are native to the tropics. There are over 100 different species or ficus trees, They’ve also been around a while, with the oldest ficus tree dating back to 288 B.C. The Ficus is a special tree with some beliefs that the Buddha once found peace under the Ficus Tree.